My dog ate a bunny…

and I wrote about it for Dogster. Check it out.


2 thoughts on “My dog ate a bunny…

  1. Ron Skinner says:

    Have you gotten over your dog having eaten the bunny? If not, you really should consider finding your dog a new home. As you clearly know, this is the way dogs behave; big dogs, little dogs, friendly dogs, mean dogs. Sometimes this is desired behavior. Just like feeling the way you feel doesn’t make you a bad person, behaving the way your dog did doesn’t make him a bad dog. He will never understand why you don’t like him any more and I’m sure his feelings for you haven’t changed. Do the right thing for both of you.

    • TheresaMC says:

      Thanks for stopping by but my dog isn’t going anywhere. I never said I didn’t love her anymore. I said that I look at her differently. She went from being a dog that, I thought, just liked chasing things, to being another “Ice Age” dog. There’s nothing wrong with her behavior, it’s just one I had expected from her and so yes, it changed the way I think about her, but not in any serious way.

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