A Detour: Finding the Perfect Wall Color

william morris project

I know this much to be true: When you change one element in a room, it all spirals out of control from there. After choosing a new couch, and doctoring the curtains, I decided I want to change the wall color. I did not officially add this to my William Morris To-Do list, but I can’t stop thinking about it.

I searched Pinterest over and over, looking for new color ideas. I thought I was settling on a neutral — maybe gray or beige…or greige. And I was also still mulling over the gray-blue I’d always thought I wanted in that room. Then, in a fit of spring fever, I got to thinking about that lovely palette of pale peaches and pinks that I love so much in the garden. Because who doesn’t want their house to look like this?

Seriously, I swoon at the mere thought of being in a room as beautiful as these flowers.

With this in mind as I went to bed I resolved to take myself down to the local hardware store and find some paint samples to put on the wall. (Can I just stop to praise the folks at my local hardware store — and all local hardware stores? A woman promptly approached me, talked to me about my room, and listened to me blather about all the colors I was considering, and then helped me work through one paint chip after another.) Eventually I left with four samples:

Color Samples on Wall 2Paint Color Samples

I put them up in different locations and in different combinations around the room. I picked the Gerbera Daisy and Wickham Gray to go together, but found myself being won over by the Beach Glass — which I picked up after deciding blue gray wasn’t going to work. The paint was still a bit wet when I took  these pictures, so they have continued to darken up a bit. That’s especially good in the case of Gerbera Daisy.

I still haven’t made any decisions, though. Do I want just one color? Or will I do an accent wall? And if I do an accent wall, which colors will I use? Decisions, decisions.

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