One Down: The Sofa

I finally pulled the trigger. I chose a couch, I went to the store–complete with a rented van and my cousin’s help–I put my credit card down and I bought a new couch. We headed up to the sofa department before making the final purchase. I was planning on buying the Idemo Beige corner Ektorp, but it looked a bit too light–like I’d be washing it all the time. I’d also been eyeing the Nordvalla Gray. It looked a bit too dark on the site, so I wanted to see it in person before heading to the cash register. Turns out, it was a much lighter color (meaning less likely to show white cat hair) than it looked on the screen.


Of course, as so often happens, changing one thing in the room makes me want to change everything else. I’ve already rolled up the carpet and took a picture to sell it on Craigslist. I’ve been thinking about changing the wall color for quite some time. I’ve never really liked it. I chose it for being relatively neutral because it had to go in multiple rooms.

Another snowy day and a quiet day at home also prompted me to take down the curtains and wash them. It also reminded me of another project to add to the William Morris list:

  • Doctor the curtains

I bought simple white curtains because my living room and dining room are one big room. I didn’t necessarily want them to be exactly the same, but they also needed to blend. Now, I’m bored. So I’m thinking about doing some stenciling and sewing to liven them up a little–keep them similar, but slightly different.

In fact, I think those curtains will probably be my next project.

  • Finally make a couch decision
  • Paint the $30 Goodwill kitchen island
  • Touch-up the paint on my blue dresser
  • Paint the bookshelf/TV stand
  • Fix the wall in the back room
  • Find an organization solution for the back room
  • Declutter the office
  • Get rid of stuff in the guest closet–then put in shelves
  • Doctor the curtains

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