My Halloween Podcast Picks

Happy Halloween, ya’ll! The holiday snuck up on me this year, and I actually keep forgetting what day it is. Like, I still don’t have candy… but I do have some podcasts for you to listen to in order to celebrate the spookiest of holidays!

Since Serial fully sucked me into the podcast rabbit hole, I’ve been exploring a wide variety of genres. I like roundtable discussions, true crime stories, and serialized fiction stories. These three podcasts manage to hit on all of those genres. Good luck, and try not to waste too much of your life listening to these…

62b3a07e4ea6d503edb28f603f6db2c1My Favorite Murder – I’ve been a Murderino for a few months now. You might think a podcast that features two comedians talking about their “favorite murders” would be offensive, but you’d be wrong (and probably have no sense of humor). Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff somehow manage to make talking about horrific murders fun. It helps that their interest in murder is driven, in part, by anxiety about being murdered (something all of us ladies know a little  something about). I also highly suggest joing the MFM Facebook group where Murderinos come to talk about the podcast, but more importantly, telling their own stories. You’d be surprised how many people narrowly miss being murdered.

logo-lastThe Last Podcast on the Left — Do you love aliens, conspiracy theories, and making fun of serial killers? Then you need to start listening to this podcast. I think my favorite edpisodes are the ones where they talk about light-hearted nutjobbery, like hollow moon conspiracy theories — though the Nazi Occult stuff is a close second. If you’re easily offended, move on…don’t listen to this. But if you like people who can find humor in the most unlikely and disturbing places, this is for you.

x1ofidxsThe Black Tapes — Think old-timey radio drama meets The X-Files. This is a fictional, serialized story about a reporter who finds herself in over her head when she starts investigating the “Black Tapes” of Dr. Richard Strand, a kind of spooky but still pretty sexy skeptic. I can’t tell you much more without ruining it, but if you’re not listening, seriously…get with the times.


And as an added bonus…


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