Pinterested: My Favorite Recipes

1437142212-enhanced-buzz-21261-1368471252-16We all love a good Pinterest Fail… as long as we aren’t the ones who spent our time and money on the miserable failure. Nothing is worse than getting your hopes up for a delicious dinner or a cute craft and ending up with a mess on our hands–and, maybe, a takeout menu.

I don’t, in all honesty, love cooking. I do it occasionally but I don’t want to spend every evening whipping up dinner. I have a tendency to gravitate toward recipes that are easy, make enough to feed me for several days, and are tasty enough that I won’t mind eating it all week. Pinterest makes it easy to find those recipes, and I’ve started to amass a list of favorites. As the snow comes down outside, and I’m thinking about tonight’s dinner, it seems like a good time to share:

Quinoa Black Bean Tacos–This is, by far, my favorite recipe. It could not be easier, is very healthy, and super tasty! I’ve made it at parties–where it’s always a hit–and have branched out from tacos to make enchiladas with this recipe. And I also like to fry an egg and put it on top of the quinoa/black bean mix for breakfast. 

Thai Butternut Squash Soup–This soup is so tasty! It might turn you orange–what with the squash, sweet potato, and carrots–but it will be worth it. Sooooo good!

Butternut Squash & Spinach Lasagna Rolls–I actually prefer to use this recipe to stuff shells (it’s just easier than rolling the lasagna) but it’s really good, and a nice alternative to regular pasta sauce. (Also, I usually have quite a few butternut squash at the end of gardening season–so I love recipes that help me use them up.)

Slow-Cooker Vegetarian Chili with Sweet Potato–My slow-cooker is far and away my favorite kitchen appliance. I love anything that allows me to throw a bunch of stuff in a pot and forget about it. This chili is sweet, spicy, and hearty! It’s the perfect food for a lazy cook in winter.

Caramel Crunch Bars–Do you really need to know anything but the name? How good do those sound?

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