My Journey Through Traditional Publishing

ICM AD 3Happy New year! I have some big news! Nearly two years into the process, I can see the light at the end of the publishing tunnel. I’ve seen the galley, blurbs are coming in, and the book page is up. Exciting, right?

I know that this journey isn’t even close to being over. There is still the task of getting people to actually buy Inside Content Marketing, and continuing to promote it for the foreseeable future. But something about knowing the writing, editing, and designing process is coming to an end is exciting enough to help me forget (at least temporarily) that my job is not yet complete.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been an enjoyable experience. I start a lot of books, but I complete few, so seeing this one through to the end has been a satisfying experience. I interviewed a lot of  really smart and interesting people for this book: Sarah Mitchell from Global Copywriting, Deanna Zammit from DigiDay, Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose from Content Marketing Institute, just to name a few. I learned a lot. (And you will too, so why not just pop on over and get the book for 30% off before May 1st… or just go to Amazon.)

But for someone who has self-published, the traditional publishing process can seem like it takes a lifetime. It’s a cranky old machine that takes many people to operate. (Watch your hands!) I’m a Milliennial (in the most liberal sense of the word) and I need instant gratification!

I’m kidding, sort of. I’m a pretty patient person. But I’m also a magazine editor who works on monthly deadlines, and who is used to putting a post in a CMS and seeing it post instantly. So the book publishing cycle has been a bit of a wake up call to me. But it’s also nice to know that quality still matters. That in some industries they are still willing to take their time to get it right.

The book won’t be on shelves until May 2016. You can preorder it now, but in the meantime, here are some content marketing articles I’ve written to keep you occupied.


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