My June Garden 2014

I am waiting impatiently. I’ve gotten some strawberries, lettuce, spinach, and bok choi, but everything else is still tantalizingly small. Cucumbers are starting–and climbing like mad–while tiny squash start to make an appearance. I’ve got some small but nice green tomatoes, and the peas are starting to flower. I picked a single jalapeno, but the other peppers and eggplants are still elusive.

photo 1

This year I built a big trellis around one end of the garden to get as many of the vines up off the ground as possible. That’s what you see at the end.

This year I decided to hide as many butternut squash as possible around the yard. I put a few into the regular beds, but rather than give away the other starter plants (which I usually do) I decided to plant them in the flower beds, along my chain link fence. Last year I ended up buying countless butternut squash because I love them so much and use them in so many recipes. The few I got from a single plant just wasn’t enough. So I’ve gone hog wild.

photo 2

I moved the tomatillos and some of the tomatoes to the front bed. They’re overshadowed by the herbs.


photo 3

Peas are one of my favorite plants in the garden. They’re just so darn pretty.


Out back in the Pale, things are really looking nice. One of the things I like about this area is that I let it go pretty wild. It’s unstructured and messy, and there are things growing that I don’t remember planting. I’m pretty sure they came from the wildflower seeds I scattered last year. The Cleomes are coming back with force, as are the Morning Glories, but it’s the Sweet William and whatever these yellow things are that are the star of the show right now.


The yellow flowers are great for cutting, and the Creeping Jenny on the ground is doing exactly what I hoped it would.

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