Welcome to Sochi: The Schadenfreude Olympics

My Sochi schadenfreude knows no bounds. Between the homophobia, the “disappeared” Orcas, and the general gangsterism I can understand why some people might boycott the Sochi Winter Olympics. I don’t particularly care about the games, but I love seeing Putin fail so publicly.

And I can’t help but wonder is this…like… the Russian Village People? And is this considered gay propaganda?

I’m barely old enough to remember the Cold War. I was in elementary school when the Berlin Wall fell, but there is some weird, deeply patriotic part of me that just loves to see the Russian government flounder on such a public stage. And the tantalizing tid-bits that are filtering out about the open ceremonies are just too much. The ring that didn’t light up. The weird militaristic Daft Punk cover (I was wondering who Russia could trot out to perform a musical number. I mean, they don’t exactly have a Paul McCartney waiting in the wings, but I never thought it would be this hilarious.)

I may pop the cork on a bottle of champagne to watch this and let my inner-German emerge.

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