Adventures in Self-Publishing: For the Love of Zombies

zombieWhen I decided to start my experiment in self-publishing by publishing Fiona vs. the Foot Tickler I had a theory that the only way to be truly successful in this world is with zombie, vampires, werewolves, or fairies. Or at least those critters seem to be the fastest way to self-publishing success in the fiction world. So for a few years I’ve been mulling over a couple of ideas about vampires and zombies.

I’ve started the vampire story more times than I can count, but haven’t been able to make it work… not yet anyway. I had a little more success with my zombie story–which is really a zombie story for people who aren’t necessarily all that into zombies. 

I’ve never really understood what all the fuss was about when it came to those walking corpses. Seems to me that they should be easy to kill. They’re slow, stupid, and no where near as charismatic as a vampire. (Sookie Stackhouse would not fall in love with any vampires roaming through Bon Temps.) So to keep myself interested in this project, I had to come up with my own take on the zombie apocalypse. I wanted to explore what would happen if a bunch of street savvy survivors fought back against the hordes.

I’ve finally taken the next step in my self-publishing experiment and put Zombie from the Block up on Amazon.

Let’s see if this is my ticket to fame and fortune.

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Self-Publishing: For the Love of Zombies

    • TheresaMC says:

      Thanks! Yes, they’re all connected to Doomsday Preppers and people who think they need a home arsenal to protect their families from imaginary threats.

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