Currier, Ives, and My Farmhouse Addiction

I have a problem. I spend hours on the internet searching websites for…


and adoptable barnyard animals.

I blame Currier & Ives. Wouldn’t you want to live here? —–>

My addiction recently grew much more serious when I was introduced to

It won’t be long before I lose my job and am living out of my car because I can’t stop browsing all the quintessential New England farms that I want to live on, and then search for adoptable critters to fill up the barns and fields with. 

Yes, there’s even a site for that. Over at you can search for birds and barnyard animals in need of comfortable homes.

Today, I was real estate window shopping and came across a place that not only makes me want ducks, but even the listing seems to know that we all want to live in a Currier & Ives print. Yes, it actually mentions those words.

Doesn’t that place just call out for a sleigh? Possibly some goats and sheep. Those ponds are definitely in need of some ducks. I’ll have to train the dog to chase away geese, but that should be easy.

Now all I need is half a million dollars. Who wants in?



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