The Vicious Cycle of Home Makeovers

As you may have read, I spent New Year’s Day giving my home office a bit of a makeover… and that — combined with hours spent browsing Pinterest on my iPad — has got me spinning out of control. Are there reno rehabs? Because I may need one.

You see, shortly after I gave my office a makeover — or at least a corner of it — I also picked up a box spring for the new bed I bought a few months ago. Bitten by “the bug,” I also decided to move a bookshelf out of the office and up to my bedroom in order to free up some floor space. This made me start thinking harder about my bedroom, which is rather large and has become a bit of a dumping ground (much like my office). And my brain hasn’t stopped dreaming up ideas since.

The mudroom better watch it's back...

The mudroom better watch its back…

Try and follow my train of thought here: I want to get a big bookcase for my bedroom, so that I can consolidate my three smaller shelves into the one space. Then I can put a reading chair in the room, to replace the loveseat that’s up there now and doubles as a dog bed. Once I empty the three shelves, and drag them to Goodwill or sell them on Craigslist, I then need to find a) a replacement bedside table for the guest room b) something different to put the TV on in the living room. But… what I really want to do is put a built-in in the living room wall where the coat closet is. And get a couch that I like — and move the living room chair upstairs to be the “reading chair.” And then there’s the office. I have the desk my mother gave me as a child in the office, but I want to move that upstairs. Then there’s the shelving system where I keep all the office supplies. It’s ugly… so I’d like to find closed storage and there’s also a futon floating around that I want to put in the office. Oh and let’s not forget about the mudroom, which is also sort of a sunroom/utility room. Lately I’ve been wanting to put in some cabinets and a counter top to hide the pet food and gear, and provide a place to fold laundry. I could even put a TV out there and reclaim the “cat couch.”

I just can’t stop…

I go to bed thinking about it, have weird dreams about it, and then start thinking about it again as soon as I head into the office in the morning and look at the desk that set this all in motion.

Then I pop open the Pinterest app and I find new ideas that I hadn’t even thought of. Today, I ran to the bank and stopped at TJMaxx to look for a cake stand, because I saw someone on Pinterest that used one to keep their dish soap and sponges off the counter and now I have to have one!

Frankly, just taking the time to write this post is killing me when I know I could be endlessly searching Pinterest for ideas on how to give my ugly old dresser a makeover… That’s it, I can’t take it anymore… PINTEREST HERE I COME!

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