Game of Thrones, My New iPad, & Other Things I’m Obsessed with This Week

It’s my first full week back to work since before Christmas, which has the potential to be depressing, but luckily I’ve got some distractions — one of which I am typing on, the other I am watching.

Over the past few months I’ve been considering two purchases: a new laptop and a Kindle. I don’t really need a new laptop, mine works fine, but it’s heavy and traveling with it is a bit arduous. During my last trip to NYC I walked from my hotel to the venue where my conference was. It wasn’t far, and I like to walk, but I was carting a big overnight bag with my giant laptop stuffed in it. I may have dislocated my shoulder. But I just haven’t been able to bring myself to buy the MacBook Air (refurbished, of course) that I had been eyeing.

This indecision — along with Christmas — also kept me from moving forward on my Kindle purchase. Then I remembered that at the end of the month I will be heading into the city once again, this time for a 2 day conference. The idea of carting my laptop along with me on that trip made me want to curl up into a ball and cry… but I still wasn’t convinced a new laptop was the way to go.

So I bought an iPad, and it showed up today! I am obsessed.

After I ordered the iPad I also ordered a Kensington KeyFolio with removable bluetooth keyboard. It showed up last week and has been taunting me ever since, with its empty space just waiting for the iPad to fill it.

Yesterday, while I was trying to take my mind off that empty iPad case — and waiting for the season 3 premiere of Downton Abbey — I started watching Game of Thrones. This show is pretty badass.

I’m only a few episodes into the first season, and so far the wolves, Lady Stark, and that crazy little Stark daughter who wants to be a warrior are my favorite characters. (What’s her name? I can’t understand what they’re saying…is it Aria?)

I think it’s filling a void in my life that The Hobbit failed to fill. The plethora of dwarves, trolls, and goblins and lack of hot elves and Viggo Mortensen made for a boring movie. Plus, I don’t really care if the dwarves get back to their mountain. I miss the days when I looked forward with great anticipation to the next LOTR movie. I even miss reading the books, becoming so immersed in the world that I tried to convince my friends that I’m the descendent of Arwen and Aragorn.

Game of Thrones isn’t quite Tolkien but it’ll do.

4 thoughts on “Game of Thrones, My New iPad, & Other Things I’m Obsessed with This Week

  1. says:

    I did an around-the-world trip, and for 6 months, an iPad was my only computing device. In addition to blogging, email, banking, bill-paying, etc., I watched videos, played games, and the list goes on and on. I am, as you, a huge fan. I’ve checked out the ipad mini, but the ipad is so perfect, that I can’t see it improved. Also, I read the Thrones books and agree that the dvd series is very cool.

  2. runesandrhinestones says:

    It is Arya, only got that from the books! I have a Kindle and seem to be having all the issues in the world with it, but apart from that it’s really good. I like how easy it is to read lots of books without all the weight of carting them all around with you! I’ve been considering a new laptop because like you, mine is huge and heavy and just a pain but I never thought about getting an iPad!

  3. anabbloggin says:

    Enjoy your GoT. Arya will keep you entertained 😉

    I too suggest you read the books, they are awesome. The first book is in almost everyway similar to the season one, the second book has more content than season 2. Very worthwhile reading 🙂

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