Happy Sunday: Just a Simple “Thank You”

When this song first came out, I remember having a conversation with a friend’s moronic boyfriend, about how it was repetitive. He hated it. (As far as I can tell the only music he actually liked was Metallica and, like…SlipKnot or something awful like that.) I tried to point out that simplicity was the point of the song… a straight-forward, heartfelt “thank you.” He didn’t get it. But I think it’s a nice way to end the year.

I love that she’s still doing the old dance. And because I really love Natalie Merchant too much (honestly, you’re missing out if you don’t have Ophelia or House Carpenter’s Daughter) to pick just one song.

A shout out to the workers out there…

The follow-up to “Kind & Generous”…

And let us not forget every teenage girl’s anthem…

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