The Incarnations of “The Little Drummer Boy”

My mom loves this song, and so do I, but I know there are many people out there who find “The Little Drummer Boy” to be immensely annoying. Maybe I can convince them otherwise with these videos.

Honestly, what kind of person doesn’t love a drumline?

Bagpipes, anyone? It’s like being at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC without all the vomit.

Does it get any more angelic (or creepy, I’m not sure which)?

I guess it does get more angelic…

And then there’s this dude…

One thought on “The Incarnations of “The Little Drummer Boy”

  1. Jason Matthews says:

    I think Little Drummer Boy is one of my favorite Christmas songs because it reminds us of the true nature of Christmas; it’s about Christ and his teachings of giving of yourself. Love trumps all, even in simple forms, and the Little Drummer Boy gave the only gift he could–he played his drum and he played his best as the gift.

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