My October Garden

Over the weekend I euthanized some tomato plants that looked like they were suffering. I pulled them up by their roots and tossed them into a pile at the back of the yard — and raked up all the tiny little tomatoes that were left behind. The yellow squash are still coming in and a couple of butternut squash are out there dangling on the vine. I think there might even be a lone spaghetti squash.

The tomatillos continue to come in by the bucket load, while the brussel sprouts keep growing. All of this is kind of boring though. But yesterday I went out front and saw one of my echinacea plants covered in bees that seemed barely able to move. Poor little bumble bees…

Then, a little later, I took the dog outside and found a gift from the cats — well, more accurately, the dog found a gift from the cats. She picked it up in her mouth and then dropped it back on the ground. Poor little mole…

So here’s my conclusion about my October garden: It is filled with the dead and dying.



One thought on “My October Garden

  1. agoodstewardess says:

    Haha, the mole is so funny… our cats used to catch these and leave them for us on the porch as “presents” too… but usually with their guts hanging out! Gross. I just planted some echinacea a few weeks ago. I heard fall planting is good for it (planted from seeds). We’ll see what develops!

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