My September Garden

September is almost over, and you can tell by looking at the garden. The cucumbers have long since stopped producing much of anything. Some of the earlier producing tomatoes have given up the ghost, though some late varieties and my cherry tomatoes are still going strong. The tomatillos are still going beautiful, and the eggplants are coming in, and I planted a new round of lettuce. The earliest signs of brussell sprouts are appearing, though I don’t know how successful they’ll be in the long run. And there’s a big watermelon out there that I’m not so patiently waiting on… It’s hard to tell if it’s ripe.

Apparently when the stem is brittle that means it’s ripe.

Meanwhile, I got my yearly shipment of tomatoes from the farmer. He claims he can’t sell them (thanks to bruises or other imperfections) and so my family and I split up bushels of the red beasts and start making sauce and salsa. It’s really quite a task.

This is just a small sample of the sauce in my freezer.

Sad, dead cukes.

The dahlias came out nicely for the fall.

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