A Hutch of a Different Color

I’ve got furniture scattered around my house that was either donated to the cause (and by “cause” I mean “me”), picked up at  tag sales or from the side of the road. I got lucky when some of my roadside finds didn’t need refinishing. For instance, I somehow managed to find chairs on the curb that matched the table I bought from Craigslist. A couple of chairs and a bedside table I found at a tag sale were just great from the start. But there has been a corner hutch near my stairs that has been taunting me for almost a year now.

It was a nice hutch with a hideous paint job…but it was free. Every time I pass by it on my way up or down the stairs I would curse it’s terrible color.

I’m not sure if you can tell just how ugly it is from the picture. It almost looks like raw wood, but really it’s yellow with red “accents.” I think someone was trying to make it appear distressed, and I suppose they achieved their goal in some ways.

So my cousin and I decided to tackle this project on Sunday. I’d had a bottle of spray paint sitting around for a while. And we made quick work of spraying the hutch with what I thought was a dark blue-gray color. But once it was on, it looked very, very purple… like Grimace.

We decided to head to Home Depot for some white paint for the shelves, and to let the spray paint dry in the meantime. (On a side note, we also stopped at Petsmart and I nearly came home with a little Cattle Dog mix who was up for adoption that day. TORTURE!) We thought it might dry to a more respectable navy color, but no such luck. We pulled into the driveway and were faced with a hutch the color of a Crown Royal bag.

So after we gave the shelves a couple of coats of white, we headed back to the store for some more paint. (Don’t worry, the store is very close by.) This time I had them mix up a quart of Behr “Farmhouse Red.” And we bought a roller.

Oh what a difference a little red paint can make!

I’m still on the hunt for a cool knob for the door.

It’s got a hint of orange to it, which probably isn’t everyone’s idea of cute but I love it. My mother, who stopped by while we were finishing up the paint job, was not convinced it would look good inside the house. But I dragged it in from the shed (where we left it to dry) and I think it’s a resounding success. Especially since the purple was just about the only thing worse than the weird yellow/red color.

We also decided to tackle a little set of drawers I put in my downstairs bathroom (where there is no storage) but we’ll save that for another post about the power of changing out the hardware.

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