The Dark Side of Pinterest

We all do… unfortunately not everyone knows when it just isn’t worth documenting…

Here’s a bit of advice: if you’re feeling a little down, whatever you do, don’t browse the “Quotes” section of Pinterest. It will send you spiraling into a full blown depression for one of three reasons:

  1. The realization that there are people out there who actually believe some of the crap they post
  2. The bad spelling/copyediting
  3. The relative lack of actually good quotes and witticisms

Here is an assortment of some of the most terrible quotes I could find, many of which, I’m hoping, came from the diary of a melodramatic 15-year-old. If you don’t like snark, don’t continue.

Really? This is how you roll? Just gonna go ahead and give up on healthy relationships? Awesome.

Well, I guess it’s good this person found a way to finally express himself… even if it is by making odd confessions over images of hippies playing the bongos.

Hopefully, whatever this person said is better than the “Quotes” on Pinterest.

But it’s not all bad… You can always count on Winnie the Pooh and Oscar Wilde for a few words of wisdom.

Silly ol’ bear…

4 thoughts on “The Dark Side of Pinterest

  1. northofseven says:

    I love quotes. I really do. But I swear to you if I see one more Live Laugh Love Believe Dream re-pinned I am going to go full on Edgar Allen Poe and spam the quotes page.

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