My July Garden

They grow up so fast.

Late June and early July is when the garden really comes to life. Tomatoes start to ripen, tiny little squash begin to grow, and the tomatillo “lanterns” are dangling delicately from their branches. Some of the greens and herbs are trying to go to seed, and now it’s time to think about replanting new crops for the fall. I pulled up some lettuce that was past its prime and put down some new cilantro. I dug up some packets of beans and peas to start growing a late crop of  those.

Meanwhile, one of my tomato plants is now towering over my head and the butternut squash is dutifully climbing the trellis I set out for it. One of my watermelon plants has flowers on it — as do the eggplant — and apparently some of my strawberries are ever-bearing because I’ve got more coming in.

Now that most of the work is done, I spend a lot of time thinking about what I’m going to make from all of this. I also spend a lot of time dipping cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes in hummus. 😉

There’s too much going on out there to tell you about it all, so here are some pictures.

No fruit on the squash trellis yet, but it’s growing fast.

The regular tomatoes are big but not ripe.

The cherry and grape tomatoes have been ripening for weeks and the cilantro is going to seed. But the cilantro is so pretty, and useful I’m leaving it. Apparently it helps keep away parasitic moths, and the little white flowers attract ladybugs.

The watermelon was a late addition to the garden — one is much farther along than the other.

The first sign of eggplants.

The tomatillo flowers are plentiful, and their lovely little lanterns are also making an appearance.

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