The Problem with Glee

It’s not like people watch Glee for its amazing storylines, but I’m really starting to get worried about its writers.

I’ve always preferred the supporting characters to the (annoying) leads. In fact, I stopped watching the show about halfway into the first season thanks to Rachel being completely insufferable. What brought me back to it? Britney S. Pierce’s ridiculous one-liners and sweet dance moves. I have a serious soft-spot for Lord Tubbington. But Britney’s dimwitted utterances, and Sue Sylvester’s snarky, but hilarious barbs are starting to be overshadowed by what appears to be a complete lack of coherent storytelling. It’s like they just throw stuff at the wall to see what will stick.

Santana’s realization that she’s a lesbian seemed to come out of nowhere, and not only did Quinn’s paralysis seem a little out of left-field (and repetitive for a show with one character already in a wheelchair) but then her miraculous recovery that had her barely able to walk one week, and dancing her ass off the next was…well…less than realistic. And Sam and Mercedes? Did that subplot somehow advance the narrative in a way that I missed?

But what is most bothersome to me is how every time a character takes a step forward they take two steps back…for no reason. Quin becomes a decent human being after giving her baby up for adoption, and then inexplicably went on a crusade to ruin the adoptive mother’s life and get her baby back. Then she became a decent person again, and then she got in an accident while texting. Mercedes becomes an unbearable, self-centered diva for a few episodes, and then goes back to being the sweet, good-hearted girl she normally is.

I get it, people have more than one side to them. But is it too much to ask to give these people stories and character arcs that make sense? It can’t just be me who thinks the characters are just a little schizophrenic.

Certainly, Glee wins points for bringing a wide array of characters to the screen — most notably, the recent addition of Unique. With Britney and Lord Tubbington making their exit, I can only hope Unique gets a storyline that makes sense.

One thought on “The Problem with Glee

  1. Ariel Price says:

    You’re definitely right. While I’ve really enjoyed Glee and continue to watch it, it doesn’t hold the same interest for me anymore. I’m a few episodes behind because, well, they’ve rather lost the over-arching tension and reason to keep watching the show. I’m not sure if there is one anymore. I watch it for the characters now, not for the storyline.

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