It’s Just One of Them Days: 90s Music to Soothe the Soul

Some days I really miss the 90s…especially its special brand of sweeter, less dirty R&B. In fact, it’s the music of the 90s that I often turn to when I’m feeling…well…anything that’s strong enough to make me seek out a little music to soothe (or fire up) the soul.

When I’m moody and just kind of want to hurl dishes at anyone who comes near me… I turn to Monica.

When it’s a really bad day, I pull up Hole. No one knows how to scream like Courtney Love.

(For Ani Difranco, Method Man, and Soul 4 Real…click through.)

And when I’m feeling a little melancholy…and a little rage-filled, I pull out my favorite feminist.

Though when it comes to Ani DiFranco, one song will never do. A little “Untouchable Face” for the rage-filled.

A little “You Had Time” for the melancholic and one of my favorite lyrics of all time: “You’ll say ‘Did they love you or what?’/ I’ll say, ‘They love what I do. The only one who really loves me is you.'”

When Ms. DiFranco has managed to talk me off the ledge, it’s time to move to “Garden of Simple” (which isn’t technically 90s but whatever) and another great line: “They never really owned you, you just carried them around, and then one day you put them down and found your hands were free.”

And then to bring me back up again, I’ll hit “Shameless” to get me excited about taking life by the horns. Remember, they’re gonna want an explanation for all the fun that we had.

And then, when I’m feeling romantic…but a little thuggish I turn to the song that I hope will one day make up my wedding vows.

And when it’s sunny, and warm, and I have somehow managed to be in a good mood through and through… Soul 4 Real!

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