Guess My Breed!!

Let’s play a new game I’m calling, “Guess My Breed!”

This is my dog Maybelle. She’s a very pretty lady, that’s for sure. But her heritage is more than just a little confusing.

From the neck down she’s all Australian Cattle Dog. And she’s definitely got the herding instinct and brains of a working dog. But that head… well, it’s a mystery. I’ve got some ideas about where I think that head came from, but I’m interested to see what other people think.

Those ears. That color. Those eyes. What’s your best guess?

5 thoughts on “Guess My Breed!!

  1. Daughter Elle says:

    I can’t tell how big she is, but maybe a Corgi? That is the first dog to come to mind with ears like that. She is beautiful though!

    I have a mystery-mutt too, and we call her “Spare parts” because of all of her different features.

    • TheresaMC says:

      She’s about 43 pounds — basically the size of a Cattle Dog so her size doesn’t give much away. Corgi could definitely explain those ears though, and help pump up that herding instinct.

      Spare Parts is cute. My mom’s cat is Shop Cat, because, well, she was born outside a shop. Also, she turned out to be really mean and Princess didn’t suit her.

  2. medzealot says:

    The ears led me straight to Corgi as well, but the rest of the head seems like something else. One of my mutts is German Short-haired Pointer (and who knows what else), and she has a similar snout, eyes, and top of the head to Maybelle’s. She can also fan her ears out like that, though she doesn’t do it often and they aren’t quite that large.

  3. terro says:

    well i’am a aussie and had these dogs all my life and those ears and face are a throw back to her dingo heritage, have a look at dingo images. saying that she has something else in her to have that colour

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