Nesting for the Holidays

I’ve got three more days before I’m off for almost a week. It’s been a while since I could sneak in more than a long weekend, because of the logistics of my job. But thanks to a lull in the production schedule, December is a good time to take an extended break. I can’t wait!

In the meantime, I’m totally going into Susie-Homemaker mode. Last week my friend and I had the first in a series of craft nights, and we made a bunch of terrariums. (My “Gift Ideas” Pinterest board is filled with crafty ideas.) I’d post pictures, but they’re for gifts and I don’t want any friends to get a glimpse of their gifts. This weekend, though, I’ve been on a roll. Gift-wrapping was just the beginning. Tonight I made a bunch of cookie dough and froze it. I’ll bake it later this week and bring a batch nextdoor to my (very) elderly neighbor. I also finally got around to sorting my totes so that they could be labeled and stored appropriately. 

Tonight, though, I tackled a problem that has been vexing me for a while: my coat closet. None of my closets were outfitted with shelves or bars when I moved in. First priority was my bedroom closet, then the utility closet, and eventually the bathroom closet.  The closet in the spare room and the coat closet have been neglected. Last time I tried to get the coat closet sorted out I discovered a lack of studs in the back, so the hardware I had wouldn’t work. But while I was organizing my shed yesterday I found a couple of pieces of scrap wood that I was able to use to screw into the side of the closet as supports. But even that wasn’t easy. My drill seems to be a bit under-powered for tasks that require drilling into a stud. When I was pre-drilling one hole I actually managed to get the bit stuck in the wall! I ended up having to pull it out with a pair of pliers and pure brute force! (Thank goodness I am strong like bull!)

What’s next on my list of nesting to-dos? Well, I’ve got a Christmas Eve-Eve party to get ready for. After two birthday parties in my house this month, I’ve decided this one has to be pot luck. But I’ve been collecting holiday punch recipes and I fully plan on having plenty of seasonal beverages for my guests!

One thought on “Nesting for the Holidays

  1. Wendy says:

    Oh man, I’m getting a complex. The last blog I visited was someone talking about organizing and/or cleaning. TELL ME IT’S NOT A SIGN. Please?? 🙂

    Merry Christmas!!

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