Grammarians & Pedants

I’m usually as annoyed by bad grammar and poor spelling as the next editor, but lately I’ve started to find myself more annoyed by the pedants of the social networks who feel the need to point out their basic grasp of grammar. For instance:

Really? Is the assumption here that the intern in charge of Facebook posts at Slate doesn’t know the difference between “there” “their” and “they’re”? I assume that person has made a typo, and since I’m capable of typos I don’t feel the need to be obnoxious and point them out.

I learned long ago to leave my urge to correct others at the door. No one likes a know-it-all, and, besides, I split my infinitives and still don’t know what a gerund phrase is. Do I really need to go around virtually bitch-slapping people over fourth grade English lessons? But what irks me more, is that I would bet good money these sticklers would be hard pressed to explain when to use “whom” instead of “who.” I’d give them a quiz if I could!

One thought on “Grammarians & Pedants

  1. Jose Franco says:

    I agree with you, Tricia. Slate should correct the post and re-post it. That’s how it is in journalism: you accept your mistakes, correct them, and continue on learning. The reason I’m saying this is because some people have made this page as an excuse in telling the others who know better than them in terms of writing as being “know-it-alls.”

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