It’s no secret that I love Friday Night Lights, but one of my favorite things about the show is Slate’s TV Club coverage of it. Funnily enough, I often find myself disagreeing with the writers, wishing they’d let me into the club to voice my take on it.

For instance, they’re often talking about how bad they feel for poor Tim Riggins and his inability to get out of Dillon. I want to call them up and point out that Tim loves Dillon. Not everyone is looking to get away from the place they grew up, nor should they. Tim knows what kind of life he wants, he just doesn’t know how to get it. I want to shake them for not realizing this.

But an episode or two ago, the writers started discussing the “politics” of FNL and they decided it’s “communitarian.” This seems kind of obvious. After all, it’s a show about families, teams, and the community they all exist in. The characters that don’t think about other people often find themselves cast out. Today, though, as I was watching one of my other favorite shows on DVD, I realized that I just might be a “communitarian” — not to be confused with communist.

My three favorite shows are as follows: Friday Night Lights, Gilmore Girls, and Northern Exposure. Three shows about tight-knit communities with slightly eccentric characters. I like character-driven shows, but I also find myself wanting to live in Dillon, Cicely, and, most of all, Stars Hollow. I love little New England towns where you can live in a small, quiet, even rural place but still be able to walk downtown to get a cup of tea or a beer. Shelburne Falls comes to mind.

Until I can move to a tiny little town and become part of a small, caring community I’ll just have to rely on Netflix to take me to my favorites places.

2 thoughts on “Communitarianism

  1. Michael Samuel says:

    I love Northern Exposure and Gilmore Girls (which is kind of my guilty pleasure on mid-afternoon TV). As you said, great senses of community that immerse you totally! I have ordered Friday Night Lights, though I’ve not seen any, is it good?

  2. TheresaMC says:

    Yes. Arguably it’s a “better” show than either NE of GG but I love them all equally and for different reasons.

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