“I Know I Have Fickle Heart”

I joined the rest of America last week and downloaded Adele’s new album, 21. At first I thought I’d just be listening to a few songs on heavy rotation, which was sad because I’ve been looking for a new album to love as much as I loved Mumford & Sons’ Sigh No More last year. However, I downloaded it right around the same time I picked up the new Dennis Lehane and since I couldn’t put it down I needed some reading music, which turned out to be Adele. Now, I’ve moved on to Portnoy’s Complaint and I’m still listening to Adele on heavy rotation (which would make me seriously depressed if it weren’t for the feisty “Rumour Has It”).

So I was happy to find this NPR Tiny Desk Concert with Adele. She’s one of those singers that, no matter how awesome the album is, every song is better live. I really love “Rumour Has It” but a song called “Don’t You Remember” really won me over with this live performance:

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