If you haven’t already discovered, you really should…

It’s a lot like WEBook or EditRed only this is strictly for books — and has an actual publishing company and its editors scouring its pages for the next big thing! HarperCollins UK thought it up,  and as a former HC employee I can tell you, they’re leading the way when it comes to the publishing industry’s digital revolution. This is just one example.

Some of us are better editors than writers though, so you can also sign up with the site and start looking for talent — helping promote the best books on the site so they get read by HC. It’s an idea far past it’s prime — and way less expensive than paying literary scouts and agents big bucks for bringing you the next J.K. Rowling. Or you can just read some good, or not so good, stories while you’re sitting at your desk, bored by the world of blogs!

In case you’re wondering, yes, I have an account, and have even posted my latest attempt at fiction novel. I’m hoping the Authonomy community is helpful enough to make it a better product!

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