Who is Theresa Cramer?

headshotThe short story: 

I am a storyteller, plain and simple.

The longer version:

By day, I am the editor of EContent magazine, where I cover the world of digital media and marketing. By night I am a reader and writer of books, NPR addict, and avid gardener.

I have over a decade of experience in publishing. From newspapers to books to magazines, I’ve done it all. These days content is at the center of every industry, and every office needs someone with the ability to create great content. Covering the digital media industry has taught me many things, but chief among them is that the freedom of the internet allows us all to experiment with new mediums but that it takes commitment to strategy and execution to succeed. ¬†Luckily I have the inherent curiosity of a journalist, and the attention to detail of a seasoned editor that helps create content success stories.

If you need engaging, creative, journalistic content, we should talk!



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