State Swap

I enjoyed Knoxville immensely. Not so sure it felt the same way about me.

Despite United Airlines best attempts to keep me in Washington D.C., I got back from a trip to Tennessee yesterday. My friend Melissa and I went to The Volunteer State with our usual intentions: to make friends with locals, and get outside of our liberal enclaves and see something different. People are almost always baffled by this desire to visit what you might call The Middle-of-Nowhere. People at home, and in the towns we visit, can’t understand why we would want to visit these places.

With all the TravelZoo deals in our inboxes, you’d think we’d be spending our precious vacation time in Jamaica. But the couple of days we spent in Los Banos, CA still stands as one of my favorite trips of all time. The people there were so kind and  gracious to us that we still send them postcards any time we head out on another trip — and at Christmas. Tennessee was an altogether different experience though. Continue reading

The Great American Roadtrip(s)

When I was a kid my grandparents would take my cousin and I on car trips all over the country. We drove from Connecticut to Texas, Wyoming, and Florida (more times than I can remember). But there are still places in this lovely country that I haven’t seen–or don’t remember seeing. So, last summer after a weekend roadtrip to Vermont with my friend, she and I decided to make a habit of it.

Yosemite Valley

Our next trip was in Novemeber; I was going to San Jose, CA for work so we flew out to San Francisco a few days ahead of time and drove down to Yosemite National Park. One of the things I love about America — well, all of North America, really — is just how vast and diverse it is. When you spend your life in New England, you get used to rolling hills, lush greens, autumn colors, and the occasional small mountains…and then you show up in a place like Yosemite and you can’t help but be awe struck. Continue reading