Writing Exercise: Absent


The assignment: Absent. Construct a character who is not present. You have many options here: people may talk about this character before meeting him, or after meeting her; you might choose to examine what this character owns, how he or she lives, under what conditions; you might use indirect approaches, like letters or documents that attest to the existence but not presence of the person. How do we know of people? Examine the ways we build characters in our minds and in our social environments before and after we meet them.

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Make-Up is For Ugly Girls

How much better does Kim Kardashian look without make-up?

First of all, a disclaimer: I don’t actually believe you have to be ugly to bother with make-up. Make-up can be a lot of fun, but I read an article on XOJane that got me thinking about the issue. In “The Trials of a Good Online Dating Profile Photo” Kristin Booker discovers that photos where she’s more natural looking have better results than photos where she’s all tarted up. This seems to come as a surprise to her, but to me it seems obvious.

I’ve always believed that make-up causes more problems than it solves. This is, in part, because just applying a lot of chapstick in the winter usually leads to a pimple for me. When I wear more make-up than usual, the same thing happens. That creates a vicious cycle so I just steer clear of make-up on most days. Continue reading