Walking the Streets of Manhattan

I spent much of this week in Manhattan, which is not usually my favorite place to spend my time. I did the NY-thing a fews year back and quickly realized it wasn’t really for me. I finally decided to walk away from my job at major publishing house when I was mistaken for a farmer while wandering the farmer’s market at Rockefeller Center. Clearly I was not in my natural habitat.

I don’t mind going back every once in a while, but it’s usually for work…so, ya know… But this week I ended up spending my time down in the Meatpacking District and Chelsea. I stayed at the Hotel Gansevort which is…uh…interesting. I’ve stayed in my fair share of NYC hotels and this was my favorite. I’ve stayed at the Hilton multiple times and their bedding is lack. The rooms at the Roosevelt are tiny, even though the hotel itself is a beautiful old classic. The crappy Holiday Inn Express I stayed at the last time I was there was meh… The Gansevort’s rooms were lovely. Nice bed. Nice bathroom. Plenty of space…but with some rather odd art choices and amenities.

This lovely lady was what I woke up to each morning… and yes, that is an ENTIRE wall. Continue reading