Oh No!

This just popped up in my Facebook feed.

If this hurricane is thinking about messing with me, it should really reconsider because I am not having it!!!

After last October’s freak snowstorm knocked out power to most of Connecticut, I spent a week sleeping on the floors and couches of friends and family — while my poor cats were stuck in my cold, dark house. Before that my closing and move-in date was pushed back thanks to Hurricane Irene and the power outages that nasty ol’ witch caused.

One more power outage and I am going to lose it! So, Hurricane Sandy, consider yourself warned. If you even think about messing with my access to electricity, I will cut you… or whatever the equivalent of that is when you’re tangling with a force of nature…

In the Woods: Shenipsit In September

I’ve got a favorite trail. Actually, I’ve got a favorite section of my favorite trail. It’s long, and many of the entrances are in random neighborhoods and are barely marked. That generally means you can wander for hours without meeting anyone else out there. I love this. I started hiking it last winter, and have been there through the spring, summer, and fall. And there’s one section that never ceases to amaze me with how it changes. It’s a little turn at the top of a small hill with a big boulder and tall, deciduous trees around it. I’ve decided to start taking pictures.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Hiking

I started reading Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail earlier this week, and it’s got me thinking about what it really means to be a “hiker.” It seems to me that lately everyone thinks they’re one, including me — but most of us are not.

Earlier this spring I hit the internet and started researching hiking shoes after I slipped on a few rocks in the woods, and anytime I purchase an accessory for an activity it means I’m truly invested. So I started looking into more local trails. There are tons of options, but as you might imagine, wilderness in Connecticut is not always easy to come by and I have a new rule: if you see a stroller or a child under the age of 8 on a trail, it’s not hiking, it’s just a walk.  Continue reading

Lions, and Bobcats, and Bears, Oh My!

When I’m not obsessing over my decorating plans for the new house, I’m obsessing over mountain lions because…well…we got ’em. In case you haven’t heard the exciting/depressing news out of Connecticut, here’s a little synopsis: People in Greenwich reported seeing a Mountain Lion and eventually managed to get pictures and a big kitty stool sample to prove they weren’t mistaking bobcats or the neighbor’s golden retriever for a Cougar. Then, a few days after it was confirmed that there was, in fact, a mountain lion stalking the wealthy people of Greenwich, one was hit by a car on the Wilbur Cross Parkway in Milford (really pretty far from Greenwich).

Can you imagine looking out your window and seeing this?

Continue reading