My home-buying experience has been insane. Yes, there’s the probably haunted house, but there has also been crooked contractors, hurricanes, and multiple closing postponements. It’s been stressful and insane. So when the sellers (family friends) said I could start moving in over the weekend, I was relieved.

My mother, aunt, and I started moving a few small things on Friday and cleaning while it was still empty. On Saturday the moving started in earnest. We got my storage unit emptied and most of my stuff into the house by early afternoon. Then I wandered in circles for awhile, not sure what else to do. My cousin took off to help her mom get her phone fixed. My mom said she was going to run home and return with food. This left my friend Melissa and I to search my boxes for utensils. So I was buried behind a bunch of boxes when I heard honking and pounding on my door.

I thought I was being home-invaded before I’d even officially bought the place.  Continue reading

Moving on up!

I am a restless soul…and therefore, I move a lot. I don’t always move far; I just like a change of scenery once in awhile. The problem with moving, though, is packing. It is just awful!

I’d love to be one of those people who can fit everything they own in their car (though I have to wonder where those people sleep…or even sit) but I’m just not. During the course of packing I’ve come up with three boxes, and a bag of stuff to donate. Once I’m on the other end of the move, I’ll probably get so frustrated by the stuff, I’ll find another box or two of crap to get rid of. Continue reading