Happy Sunday: Time for a Singalong

Natalie Merchant has also been kind of fascinating to me. She’s a cross between every cool English teacher you’ve ever had and the girl in your class who wears peasant skirts every day. And like so many really interesting artists, the “hits” she’s scored are never that representative of what she actually does. But she still sounds great, and she totally got that water bottle at Whole Foods.

(I want to work at NPR more than ever…)

Happy Sunday: Thou Mayest

I never tire of Mumford & Sons. They’re working on a new album and I can hardly wait. And “Timshel” is one of those songs that I forget about until I hear it and I love it all over again. But it’s funny, when I read East of Eden as a kid in school, we only read parts of the rather enormous book, but I really liked it. And whenever I Google the word “timshel” that old Steinbeck classic appears. In fact, Timshel.org is nothing but a passage from the book. The word has come to mean, in part because of Steinbeck, “thou mayest” and represent the idea of man’s struggle between good and evil.

Seems to me like it’s a good name for a cat…but all my pets have names.


“Courage Teach Me To Be Shy”

When I was in Dublin with my friend Tracy a few years back we were walking down Grafton Street one night, on our way from the hotel to Temple Bar, Gogarty’s and beyond. We encountered a group of men busking, who instantly started singing us Britney Spears songs upon learning we were American. They were sweet, and among a number of really great people we met there. We remember it fondly, but I have to say, I would have rather been there for this:

Glen Hansard and Damien Rice are two of my favorite Irishmen — even if Rice is looking a bit like the Unabomber these days. I would have given them every dime I had. (I wonder how much money they made for charity that night?)