Jennifer Lawrence Is My New BFF!

I didn’t know it until yesterday, but apparently the rest of the world finds Anne Hathaway to be as phony and insufferable as I do. I’ll let Slate explain:

As for La Hathaway’s win this year, Dana, I had high hopes for the awfulsomeness of her speech, and that initial breathy whisper—so stagey, yet so obviously true!—made me briefly excited to think it might wind up an epochal event. But then it devolved into an earnest litany of agents and co-stars, a speech delivered by someone whose fear of appearing ridiculous overcame her innate ridiculousness. It’s a real shame. Leave Hathaway alone, Internet! How will she blossom into the sublime flower of wondrous faux-ingenuousness she is otherwise destined to be if you keep nipping her in the bud?

For a long time I thought I was being judge-y, and awful because every time Anne Hathaway opens her mouth I kind of want to slap her until she gets so mad she behaves like a real person. But apparently I’m not the only one who thinks she’s the worst.

anne hathaway

Now, I don’t necessarily agree with Google that Hathaway is ugly — because, well, she’s not — but she does strike me as a big phony baloney. Which brings me to Jennifer Lawrence. Now, I don’t want to pit two young actresses against each other, but let’s be real… neither of them will ever see this… so whatevs… Continue reading

Katniss vs. Ree

I have fallen victim to “the hunger.”

Yes, I finally joined the rest of America and decided to start reading The Hunger Games. I was barely a few chapters in before I realized that Jennifer Lawrence had been perfectly cast as Katniss in the movie version. In fact, she’d basically already played the character to critical acclaim, only that time it was in Winter’s BoneContinue reading