Pinterested: My Favorite Recipes

1437142212-enhanced-buzz-21261-1368471252-16We all love a good Pinterest Fail… as long as we aren’t the ones who spent our time and money on the miserable failure. Nothing is worse than getting your hopes up for a delicious dinner or a cute craft and ending up with a mess on our hands–and, maybe, a takeout menu.

I don’t, in all honesty, love cooking. I do it occasionally but I don’t want to spend every evening whipping up dinner. I have a tendency to gravitate toward recipes that are easy, make enough to feed me for several days, and are tasty enough that I won’t mind eating it all week. Pinterest makes it easy to find those recipes, and I’ve started to amass a list of favorites. As the snow comes down outside, and I’m thinking about tonight’s dinner, it seems like a good time to share:

Quinoa Black Bean Tacos–This is, by far, my favorite recipe. It could not be easier, is very healthy, and super tasty! I’ve made it at parties–where it’s always a hit–and have branched out from tacos to make enchiladas with this recipe. And I also like to fry an egg and put it on top of the quinoa/black bean mix for breakfast.  Continue reading

Going Vegetarian, Getting Rid of Sugar, and Becoming Smoothie Obsessed

20130818-191659.jpgA few weeks ago I decided to tackle my sugar addiction once and for all. You can blame NPR for reporting the dangers sugar poses to the cardiovascular system, and for someone telling me that Agave nectar is as bad for you as high-fructose corn syrup. There was also the small fact that I was chowing down on donuts all winter like a bear preparing for hibernation. It was a huge problem. My pants were getting a little too tight.

My cousin started the Paleo diet a few months ago, and while the program didn’t seem right for me — that much meat is bad for you, and for the environment — there were some rules that made sense to me. I don’t believe in “diets” because they aren’t sustainable. Eventually you go off of them, and then what? I’ve always been a big proponent of adopting rules that make sense for you in the long-term. But when my cousin told me how she’d cheated on her Paleo diet during the Super Bowl, and woke up the next morning feel so hungover she almost had to call out of work, it convinced me that there were some changes I could make that would have me looking and feeling better.

Continue reading

An Ode to the Burrito

I don’t know why I didn’t think to write this post years ago, because there have been times over the last three years or so where I’ve eaten burritos at least once a day…if not more.

It started with breakfast burritos. I love eggs, but scrambled is boring and sometimes I get sick of friends eggs and toast. So I started making breakfast burritos. I’d scramble an egg, smear some refried beans on a tortilla along with some salsa, warm it, and then add the eggs — perhaps with some guacamole.

It wasn’t long before I was declaring this the perfect food. Tons of protein combined with fruit and vegetables, all in one tidy (sometimes whole grain) wrapper.

Recently I became re-obsessed with burritos after a visit to Moe’s, which is about as close as I get to eating fast food these days. But I didn’t see any reason I should be getting one burrito for $7 when I could spend the same amount to eat a whole week’s worth of burritos! So now I’m back on a kick, with a new recipe. Continue reading

Faux Pho

The other day I found myself sitting at my grandmother’s house wondering what I was going to have for dinner. My choices were limited. I could have cereal, wait to unfreeze my tomato sauce and make spaghetti, or figure out what I could make from the garden. That basically meant a salad, or…uh…not much else.

I could stop at Moe’s and grab a burrito, or at the store for something more substantial.

Then I thought about the bok choi and the Thai basil. “Nana, do you have any Ramen?” I asked. Of course, she did. I stuck a package in my purse and headed home.

I chopped up the bok choi, and tossed it into the pot along with the basil and splash or two of sriracha. The results? DELICIOUS.