Photoshoot on the Farm

It recently occurred to me that I am going to need an author photo. This presented a bit of an issue for a few reasons:

  1. Most of the pictures of me that I actually like involve me making a weird face
  2. The pictures I’ve used for professional purposes are pretty darn old (and I harshly judge those who are still using their head shots from before they lost their hair, went gray, or developed wrinkles)
  3. A lot of my pictures have my dog in them

So I turned to my friend Leah and asked if we could have a photo shoot. She always makes me look good. We got some good author photo options, but as per usual, I ended up acting like a goon and taking a bunch of goofy pictures — and some with the dog.

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Currier, Ives, and My Farmhouse Addiction

I have a problem. I spend hours on the internet searching websites for…


and adoptable barnyard animals.

I blame Currier & Ives. Wouldn’t you want to live here? —–>

My addiction recently grew much more serious when I was introduced to

It won’t be long before I lose my job and am living out of my car because I can’t stop browsing all the quintessential New England farms that I want to live on, and then search for adoptable critters to fill up the barns and fields with.  Continue reading