My October Garden

Over the weekend I euthanized some tomato plants that looked like they were suffering. I pulled them up by their roots and tossed them into a pile at the back of the yard — and raked up all the tiny little tomatoes that were left behind. The yellow squash are still coming in and a couple of butternut squash are out there dangling on the vine. I think there might even be a lone spaghetti squash.

The tomatillos continue to come in by the bucket load, while the brussel sprouts keep growing. All of this is kind of boring though. But yesterday I went out front and saw one of my echinacea plants covered in bees that seemed barely able to move. Poor little bumble bees…

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My September Garden

September is almost over, and you can tell by looking at the garden. The cucumbers have long since stopped producing much of anything. Some of the earlier producing tomatoes have given up the ghost, though some late varieties and my cherry tomatoes are still going strong. The tomatillos are still going beautiful, and the eggplants are coming in, and I planted a new round of lettuce. The earliest signs of brussell sprouts are appearing, though I don’t know how successful they’ll be in the long run. And there’s a big watermelon out there that I’m not so patiently waiting on… It’s hard to tell if it’s ripe.

Apparently when the stem is brittle that means it’s ripe.

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Ode to autumn…or fall…or whatever…

I always get reflective at this time of year. New England in September is, in my opinion, just about the most beautiful place on earth. The weather is as close to perfect as it gets: country fairs abound, farms scam you into picking their produce for them, and if you’re me you head down to the Old Cider Mill to stuff your face with apple fritters.

Usually, my friends, family, and the occasional blog reader are the only ones who have to listen to me wax poetic about my favorite season. This year, though, I got to harass WNPR listeners with my thoughts about sweaters and my beloved fritters thanks to my pals at the Colin McEnroe Show.