Nesting for the Holidays

I’ve got three more days before I’m off for almost a week. It’s been a while since I could sneak in more than a long weekend, because of the logistics of my job. But thanks to a lull in the production schedule, December is a good time to take an extended break. I can’t wait!

In the meantime, I’m totally going into Susie-Homemaker mode. Last week my friend and I had the first in a series of craft nights, and we made a bunch of terrariums. (My “Gift Ideas” Pinterest board is filled with crafty ideas.) I’d post pictures, but they’re for gifts and I don’t want any friends to get a glimpse of their gifts. This weekend, though, I’ve been on a roll. Gift-wrapping was just the beginning. Tonight I made a bunch of cookie dough and froze it. I’ll bake it later this week and bring a batch nextdoor to my (very) elderly neighbor. I also finally got around to sorting my totes so that they could be labeled and stored appropriately.  Continue reading