A Small Quiet Room

The other day a friend sent me a G-Chat message asking if I’d ever ready anything by Cheryl Strayed. “WHY YES, I HAVE!” I told him and launched into my standard praise of Wild. ¬†Then he sent me this “DEAR SUGAR” column, and it made me tear up. it’s the kind of thing we should all print out and give to any daughters we might have one day: Continue reading

Always the Last to Know: John Irving’s New Book

Last weekend I went on a cleaning binge. I tidied up the house, organized my office, hung things that had been leaning up against the wall for months, put up curtain in the spare room, and so on. While going through the office I found a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble. Lately I’ve been considering buying a Kindle, and therefore putting off buying any new books. Being a new homeowner, though, means not buying much of anything that isn’t necessary…that includes a Kindle

Meanwhile, I’d been wanting to buy Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail¬†and The Hunger Games. So when I found the B&N gift certificate I figured it meant I should go out and get Wild. I sat down and read a few chapters and then decided it was time to join Goodreads. And it was there that I discovered John Irving has a new book out next week. Continue reading