Food: Preventative Medicine

opacity, Flickr Creative Commons

I’ve spent the last few nights researching pet food. My cats have been on prescription food for urinary tract care for several years. Then when I adopted Maybelle I started researching dog food. I wasn’t just going to toss some Alpo in her bowl but I’m not going to spend my evening cooking food for her either. This led to me thinking more about the prescription food the cats were on.

As tends to be the case I realized I had to make a decision when the cat food started running out, but I wasn’t quite ready. I read some reviews and it seemed that people who had cats with struvite crystals and urinary tract problems had success switching them from prescription products to Pro Plan Urinary formula. But after reading the ingredient list it was clear to me it would only be an inexpensive short-term fix. While all of this way going on, my aunt and my mother asked me to go online and order them some crap to put in their water which supposedly cures cancer or something. (This was especially ridiculous as ¬†they asked me to do this while drinking and smoking and wolfing down Yorkshire Pudding.)¬† Continue reading