Can the Canned Sauce

Despite the blight I have got a ton of tomatoes; they aren’t mine, but I’ve got them. The other day my mom was at work and her farmer friend came in and said, “I have a few tomatoes for your daughter. I put them in your car.” She went out at the end of the day to find about 3 baskets of red, juicy tomatoes piled in her backseat.

The farmer probably doesn’t know this, but he’s basically saving my life. I’m convinced that if you ingest enough tomatoes, blueberries, and green tea that you’ll live to a ripe old age with vitality. The problem is, so many of these things are…well…gross come mid-winter. Fruit and veggies getting shipped across the country to Connecticut in January are less than appetizing, so one of the ways I combat this is by making tons of tomato sauce with the over abundance at the end of summer. This year, though, I’ve barely had enough tomatoes to make a single pot. Continue reading